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Orderpoz is an app that we bring to you to deliver ease in placing food orders. All

the top restaurants in your vicinity on a single dashboard, alongside thumbnail links

of the best deals and offers for the day, will brighten up your day.

Dining out is all about a positive customer experience. We take the experience

further by making food takeaway a breeze! So right before your guests arrive, you

can go and collect the orders that you placed online on Orderpoz, packaged and

ready to take away.

To encourage even more consumers to use our app, we make attractive discounts

available on all orders. But, the discounts will stay the same even when you order at

our partner restaurants' websites. We integrated our app into a host of partner

restaurants' websites.

At Orderpoz, we recognize that dining out often becomes a memorable experience

for a consumer. We made it a point to include features to comfortably book tables

at your preferred restaurants, cafes, and pubs. This ensures that when you reach

the venue in party mode, for a corporate meeting or a gentle outing with loved

ones, there’ll be no waiting times involved.

Orderpoz, your preferred food ordering app makes app navigation exceptionally

easy so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Our platform is 100%

secure and made using the globally prevalent best practices. If you happen to face

any issues with our services, we are delighted to put our best foot forward. Our

customer service is available 24/7 to cater to your requirements.

Similarly, if you are a restaurant owner, being associated with Orderpoz works in

several ways to forward your business. Online presence and smart branding will

directly translate to more orders, each day. Our app features state-of-the-art

aesthetics, so marketing the fine meals that cook becomes easy. Sales-focused

digital menus work to your advantage, while smart dashboards bring transparency

to all orders and their status, and the revenue that you generate.

Selling with Orderpoz is refreshingly advantageous for partner restaurants. They are

not required to pay any commission and also get their payments directly